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Single drivers can travel approximately 500 miles per day, team drivers available upon request

For customers who need their freight shipped quickly, there is no worse feeling then having no viable options. MGA International Logistic ranks highly among expedited shipping companies that service Canada, the United States and Mexico. For the past 20+ years, our dedicated team and carrier partners have provided our customers with outstanding support, unrivalled solutions for both standard and quick-turnaround shipping as well as competitive prices compared to other expedited trucking companies.

To ensure your goods are delivered according to the schedule promised, our expedited trucking solutions are designed to streamline the shipping process so that your freight is delivered as quickly as possible without compromising on the calibre of service. Whether you need to move goods from one point to another, or just a single box, our expedited freight shipping service is meant to eliminate wasted time so your freight is delivered much faster.

Hot Shot Trucking Solutions

Hot Shot Trucking is another element of our expedited freight shipping services. Our in-depth industry experience allows our team to handle urgent freight, dedicated freight and overnight transportation, thanks to our comprehensive delivery network of hot shot carriers and logistics experts.

When searching for experienced hot shot trucking companies, you need look no further than MGA International Logistics.

Sprinter Van Solutions

Many of our hotshot drivers also provide sprinter van expedited freight services. Built by Mercedes-Benz, these vans provide flexibility and allow our hot shot drivers the opportunity to serve customers more efficiently.

We serve virtually any industry that requires fast shipping services, including factories needing to quickly replenish inventory, hospitals waiting on emergency supplies, mining or oil drilling facilities in desperate need of replacement parts, and the list goes on. In addition to dry freight, we handle perishable goods — something that many other logistics companies may refuse to handle. We invite you to contact us to receive a detailed quote and to provide you the opportunity to partner with one of the most reliable expedited freight shipping companies in North America.