Hot Shot and LTL Loads on the Rise

Due to increased consumer demand, hot shot and Less than Truckload have skyrocketed. For one thing, the economy has stabilized. Therefore, businesses are booming and needing more goods moved. Another reason is that hot shot trucking companies, as well as LTL transportation companies, have improved on the quality of services provided. As a result, more people trust these services for getting goods moved from one point to another.

Although both of these businesses are associated with the same industry, they go about conducting business in a somewhat unique way. LTL, the acronym for “less than load”, involves LTL transportation companies that ship loads of smaller sizes. In comparison, hot shot trucking companies are comprised of drivers that specialize in making fast deliveries that are a less than usual load.

Because of the volume of goods shipped, more people are relying on the expertise of shipping companies. However, not all customers have a full load. For that reason, it is more beneficial for them to take advantage of LTL shipping opposed to full load services. However, when a load needs to be expedited, customers turn to hot shot trucking.

The increase in people using LTL shipping companies for small loads has had a direct impact on the hot shot market. For regular loads, LTL shipping is the right choice, but in situations of urgency, customers depend on hot shot drivers. As an example, if a major part at a generator plant breaks, there is no time to wait on standard shipping. Without hot shot services, the plant could experience a partial or total shutdown.

Most people think that because hot shot trucking expedites the shipping process, the cost is extremely high. In reality, hot shot services are quite affordable. With LTL shipping, customers pay less than if using full load trucking services. This means that when shipping a smaller amount of goods, LTL is of great value.

Most hot shot drivers use four-wheel drive vehicles, including SUVs, pickup trucks, and sprinter vans. Even though goods are moved quickly, due to the lower cost of equipment and operations, these services are a cost-efficient solution. The bottom line is that both hot shot and LTL trucking are vital to all kinds of businesses.

Regardless if you need to move goods quickly or at normal speed, we can help. Based on your specific requirements, we will help find LTL or local hot shot loads available for moving your goods. At MGA International, we take both shipping solutions seriously, therefore ensuring the satisfaction of every customer. To learn more or get a quote for your upcoming need, please contact us today.

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