Industries That Rely on Flatbed Trucking

Although many companies offer flatbed trucking, remember that not all of them provide the same caliber of assistance. If you need goods transported from one location to another, it is essential that you do business with a transportation company that offers years of experience and unparalleled expertise. That way, you will have confidence that your load will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Due to the incredible benefits that flatbed truck transport provides, multiple industries rely on it. As you can see from the examples listed below, this is a service that many sectors desperately need.

  • Construction – It is common for the construction industry to use the services of a flatbed carrier. Depending on the project, a foreman might need a backhoe, scaffolding, crane, solar panels, lumber, piping, and a host of other items delivered to the job site. Upon completion of the project, the construction company would again use flatbed truck transport to return the equipment to its original location or to bring it to another work site.
  • Aviation – Flatbed trucking also helps the aviation industry by hauling airplane parts to a customer or assembler.
  • Automotive – In addition to transporting whole vehicles to dealerships, the best transportation companies deliver disassembled cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans to junkyards.
  • Manufacturing – For the manufacturing industry, it is common for flatbed trucking companies to haul conveyors, crushers, CNC machines, fabricated steel, and many other items for the customer.
  • Distribution – For a distributor to pass on products to customers, it needs items brought to the distribution center. For example, a customer with a food and beverage distribution company would hire a transporter to deliver crates of food and beverage products. While some shipments make their way to a customer’s location in a closed semi, for an oversized or tall load, flatbed truck transport makes more sense.
  • Agricultural – For commercial farmers, this type of transportation is advantageous. Considering that farmers use a lot of large and heavy equipment, such as combines and tractors, they need the services of a reputable trucking company.

Many additional industries use flatbed trucks as the perfect solution for having goods transported. If you need this type of service, make sure you do business with a highly respected and trusted company. Along with superior service, the right company will offer competitive pricing. Most importantly, the company will have an excellent fleet of flatbed trucks and experienced drivers.

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