“Greg Grimes got it done. I had an unusual shipment that he took on seriously and professionally. Greg was very responsive and communicative, worked many different angles to get me a good price, and overcame several logistical challenges. I would definitely use MGA again.” ★★★★★

– Ryan Brown (Google, September 2020)


Enhancing Business Value with On-Time Delivery

Ensuring that your business delivers items on time is vital, and working with an international logistics company can help you.

Top 5 Key Considerations for an Oversized Load

Having an oversize load can be tricky. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to shipping large items or shipments. This includes the legal limits and having travel escorts. The good news is that working with the right oversize trucking companies can help you a lot. [...]

The Future of the Transportation Sector

Trucking is one of the most common methods of transporting goods in the entire world. Over 70 percent of all goods are transported on the road in the United States and Europe. In China, that number rises to about 75 percent. Today everyone who works in the transportation industry is [...]

How to Enhance Business Value With On-time Delivery

When it comes to enhancing your business value, much of the focus is on finding ways to improve the production and planning phases. Companies often talk about job management, inventory, and allocating resources. However, enhancing your business value can also happen much later in the process, too. Ensuring that your [...]

Know the Dimensional Limits on Loads for Flatbed Trailers

If you need freight hauled across the country, one of the most common types of trailers that you would need is a flatbed trailer. This type of trailer is the go-to vehicle because it can hold many different types of goods. Whether your load is oversize or difficult to load, [...]

Why Oversize Loads Are Challenging to Transport

Trucks and trailers work to transport all kinds of goods from different businesses around the country each day. These goods may include boxes to machinery to oversize equipment that requires special trucks to transport. The trucks need to have the right load balancing and support to meet legal requirements. These [...]

How Can a Logistics Company Save You Money?

Whether you are running a large business or a smaller one, you may have overlooked the costs of shipping your goods or other products. Whether you are selling supplies, equipment, or machinery, you may find yourself needing to move your items to another location after you produce them. You most [...]

Key Differences Between the U.S. ELD Mandate and the Canadian ELD Mandate

The Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate will take effect on June 12, 2021, affecting many trucking companies. In the long run, this mandate will offer several benefits to trucking services such as hot shot trucking services. It is important for hot shot trucking companies that travel between Canada and [...]

How Automation Applies to Trucking Companies

New advances in technology mean that self-driving cars are closer than ever to becoming a reality. The industry of trucking may soon be experiencing the benefits of automation. Freight trucking companies are working with cutting-edge technology that may soon become the norm. What Is Autonomous Vehicle Technology? The first thing [...]

What Truckers Should Consider When Dealing With Dangerous Weather Conditions

Professional truck drivers will experience a range of severe weather conditions, especially during longer routes. They may find themselves driving in a blizzard, pouring rain, and high winds in the same day. Truck drivers working for flatbed trucking services need to be aware of the weather conditions in the areas [...]