I had MGA transport a 20 foot pod from Toronto to Denver. This pod is 8000 pounds and needed a covered step deck trailer. Greg Grimes and the crew were a pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend them!★★★★★

—Bozhidar Dragozov


Lowboy Transport Services for Safe Heavy-Haul Trucking

When it comes to heavy hauls, which consist of transporting oversized and overweight items like construction equipment, automobiles, farming equipment, and more, it is essential that you rely on professional lowboy trucking services. As a unique type of transportation trailer, a lowboy truck is an ideal solution. Lowboy transport services [...]

What Makes a Freight Forwarder Company an Ideal Choice?

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Types of Trailers Used for Freight Forwarding Services

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Reasons for the Ever-Growing Demand for Hot Shot Trucking Services

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How Sprinter Van Services are Being Sold

In addition to more conventional methods, the best transportation and logistics companies now offer Sprinter van services. This Mercedes-Benz cargo van is top-of-the-line yet surprisingly affordable. As part of its marketing campaign, the automaker provides detailed information about the various benefits to both drivers and transportation companies which prompts immediate [...]

7 Industries Transport and Logistics Companies Majorly Serve

Although transport and logistics companies provide a full spectrum of services, they each represent a unique dynamic of the shipping industry. Transport involves using a specific mode of transportation, whether air, ocean, rail, or ground, or a combination of more than one. In comparison, logistics is the coordination of efforts [...]

The Role of International Logistics and Why They Are So Economically Important

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5 Things You Never Knew About Cargo Shipping Companies

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How to Avoid Winter Shipping Problems with Expedited Trucking

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Two Keys to Maintaining Truck Capacity This Winter

Hot shot carriers have a specific reputation to uphold. As part of that is the ability to get deliveries completed on time. Unfortunately, the winter creates the same challenges for the hot shot trucking industry as it does for standard trucking services. The difference is that hot shot drivers have [...]