Different Trucks for Flatbed Shipping Services

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To deliver heavy and/or large materials and equipment to construction sites, docks, and warehouses, you need quality flatbed shipping services. For this, you want to work with a company that offers expertise and experience in both transportation and logistics. After all, transportation is just one aspect of hauling cargo, with the other being logistics that is responsible for the planning, organization, implementation, and management of the services.

The Right Flatbed

As part of the flatbed shipping services there are several types of trucks. By working with us at MGA International Logistics, we will consider all the aspects of your shipping needs and payload cargo to determine the appropriate truck. Following are some examples of flatbed truck types:

  • Flatbed – The traditional flatbed offers tremendous versatility. The trailer can hold a maximum weight of 48,000 pounds, providing an extreme amount of flat surface on which to load and secure freight. However, there are other options for flatbed shipping services as well.
  • Lowboy – As the name implies, a Lowboy has a lower surface, making it possible to transport taller cargo. Freight hauled on a Lowboy is in reality taller than the legal height of freight hauled on other flatbeds. This type of trailer has two axles and can accommodate up to 40,000 pounds. If a special permit is required for your load, our representative will advise.
  • Step Deck – Also called a Drop Deck, this version of a traditional flatbed has a bottom and top deck. For cargo that a conventional flatbed cannot haul, primarily because of height restrictions, a Step Deck truck is used. For flatbed shipping services with a Step Deck, the maximum weight is 48,000 pounds.
  • Extendable – Referred to as a flatbed stretch truck as well, this is ideal for extremely long freight. However, when maximum support is required for flatbed shipping services, the Extendable offers that, which in turn reduces the risk of overhanging cargo.
  • Stretch Double Drop – When you need oversized flatbed shipping services, this is a preferred truck. In addition to loading products as high as 10 feet on the lower deck, there is a “well” at the back deck and middle section measuring anywhere from 25 to 29 feet long.
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Simply reach out via telephone, email, live online chat, or use our web-based RFQ form. Our logistics team will take care of the rest.