“Greg Grimes got it done. I had an unusual shipment that he took on seriously and professionally. Greg was very responsive and communicative, worked many different angles to get me a good price, and overcame several logistical challenges. I would definitely use MGA again.” ★★★★★

– Ryan Brown (Google, September 2020)

Standards of Performance for Trade Show Shipping Services

As part of trade show shipping services, a set of performance standards were established to create a uniform code of conduct, as well as professional ethics for all logistics and transportation companies hired to pick up, deliver, and handle materials relating to trade shows and exhibits in the United States. [...]

Effective Management of Trade Show Freight Carriers

Reputable logistics and transportation companies do far more than what most people think. In fact, the primary reason that certain trade show freight carriers like MGA International Logistics is so successful has to do with meticulous management and careful planning of your critical items. As someone who participates in major [...]

Expectations of RGN Trucking Companies

RGN is the acronym for Removable Goose Neck, which is a type of trailer that RGN trucking companies use to haul freight. With this design, the trailer’s neck detaches from the body. To get equipment loaded onto a Removable Goose Neck trailer, equipment is driven onto it from the front [...]

How to Choose the Best Trucking Company for Your Freight

When choosing a trucking and transportation company, a lot of small to medium-sized businesses look at the quote and only the quote. The quote is an excellent starting point, but it is important that you take a look at what you are getting for that price. That way, you can [...]

What Are Canada-USA Transportation Logistics Services

In simple terms, these services involve the logistics of organizing and planning the transportation of freight going between Canada and the United States. For the transportation portion, a licensed truck driver is responsible for moving all types of freight to include goods, animals, food, and more, from one location to [...]